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What to expect

   As your Wellness advocate and professionally Licensed Massage Therapist I will do everything possible to ensure that your experience is a positive and rewarding one. Upon arriving for your session you will be greeted at the door for a quick temperature check to be sure that you are in good health and that there are no signs or symptoms of a possible illness. Once everything checks out, if this is your first visit, a quick review of your intake form will ensue and this is where you may be asked about your reasons for getting a massage, current physical condition, medical history, lifestyle habits, job occupation, stress level, areas of pain and other pertinent topics. Depending on the type of massage session that you've selected, your therapist will then leave the room and allow you to undress in private to your own personal level of comfort. You may leave your undergarments on or take them off at your own discretion. If it is a sports massage that you have selected then comfortable athletic wear should suffice and the top draping would then be optional. Next you'll lie down on a comfortably padded massage table (Underneath the linens/draping) before the therapist re enters the treatment room to begin the session. The Massage Therapist will undrape only the part of your body being massaged, ensuring that your modesty is being respected at all times. Equipped with a medical grade HEPA air filter you can relax a little easier in a clean, peaceful, safe and comfortable environment for your bodywork session. Clients will have the option of connecting/selecting their own music playlist wirelessly via bluetooth to our Sony Dolby digital 5.1 surround sound entertainment system to help you feel more comfortable and at ease during your session. Treatment room will be thoroughly cleaned and sanitized between each client session in accordance with Covid 19 Sanitation protocol. 


2475 Albany Ave
Suite 202'A.

West Hartford, CT 06117