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There are over 80 common massage modalities being used around the world. Massage modalities can be very diverse. Some modalities require the client to undress while other modalities can be done on someone who is fully dressed.  Some modalities are performed on a massage table, others on a floor mat, and some from a Massage Chair. Massage Therapy enhances attentiveness, focus, mental clarity, emotional balance, and positively affects the body and health conditions such as pain management, circulatory issues, stress reduction, injury rehabilitation, migraine control, and overall wellness. Massage Therapy also stimulates the release of Endorphins, the body’s natural pain killers, which is why it's so helpful in relieving pain. A 60-minute massage offers the same benefits that 7-8 hours of sleep does for your body.

Frequently asked questions

Can I pay with cash?

Yes. Although if you are a first time client, you are required to pre pay online with a credit card to reserve your first appointment.

Do you have gift certificates?

Yes! You can purchase eCertificates online via Square here

How do I enroll in the membership program?

Clients can enroll anytime online at or at anytime after your initial visit you can opt into our membership program for all kinds of savings and special deals throughout the year! Once the session is completed, your therapist will go over your wellness plan with you outlining the recommended frequency of future visits and you will then be able to schedule online at your own convenience your following appointments. Any unused session for the month will carry over credit into the following month for a total of 1 month before it expires. A credit card is required in which you will be charged the membership rate once a month on the 1st of every month.

Can I still purchase massage packages?

Yes! Although we encourage you to try our new membership feature you will still be able to pre purchase 3 and 6 session packages that will result in the same savings, but you would miss out on any future deals and specials that are exclusively offered to our members only!

Will my Insurance cover my session?

Yes and No. Depending on your insurance coverage some providers are covering massage therapy sessions. Check with your provider to see if you qualify. Receipts from your session will be provided as proof to your insurance company of services administered. In some cases insurance companies may reimburse you after providing this information.