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Life comes at you fast and can be extremely stressful at times making it difficult to strike a healthy balance in functioning through day to day activities. Work, school, gym, childcare, the list goes on. Finding time to relax and unwind can be just as difficult.       

At Supreme Being Bodywork we believe that three key essentials to achieving a healthy balance and lifestyle is through learning to focus on oneself by listening to what exactly our body's are telling us. Strong in body, Strong in mind, strong in spirit. The right combination to build this strong foundation should consist of focus on oneself in the following three areas.

  •  Self Awareness (Identifying Goals)    

  •  Self Care (Doing the work)   

  •  Self Discipline (Staying Committed)


The rest is pretty much self explanatory. No matter if you're an office worker, stay at home mom, professional athlete or weekend warrior we can customize a bodywork assessment plan that's right for YOU!  


"Let us help you to unlock your body's full potential today"

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Damien Gardner LMT, MMP

Licensed Medical Massage Therapist & Founder

Hi, My name is Damien Gardner and I am a licensed massage therapist with a medical massage certification specializing in myotherapy and sports orthopedic massage. I graduated from The Connecticut Center For Massage Therapy in 2015 and have been working diligently since then to continue to build my massage therapy skill set to provide the best massage experience through continued CEU courses and 1000+ hours of hands on training. As a former athlete and owner of SBB I aim to be a bodyworker whom is deeply devoted and dedicated to providing the personal care, time and attention to detail that goes into each client session; providing an experience that is unique to each individual client's needs.






Jesse B.

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